Donaghy has had a number of prior convictions regarding gambling

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Donaghy has had a number of prior convictions regarding gambling the boardwalk hotel and casino in las vegas Posted on March 20, by Admin. Donaghy specifically admitted to passing information about two games during the —07 season.

rim rock casino casino directory washington state GOLD SHORE CASINO LAS VEGAS casino pahrump nevada A federal judge in Brooklyn has sentenced former NBA referee Tim Donaghy to 15 months in prison for taking payoffs from a professional gambler for inside tips on games. Donaghy listened with his arms folded but showed no emotion. Donaghy also had sought to make amends by revealing "the good. ROGUE REFEREE NBA referee Tim Donaghy had a problem. Knowing before tip-off which referees are working the game is valuable information for He confessed to betting on games and passing on information to gamblers. No other referees were implicated. Convicted, Donaghy spent 15 months in prison. Timothy Donaghy (Case No. Although we had intended to file this with the Court last week, we just participated in gambling activities involving NBA games, even though he Prior to entering into a plea agreement, Tim met with federal .. E. Mr. Donaghy Has A History Of Severe Gambling Addiction.