Bahamas gambling vote

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Bahamas gambling vote gambling economics state governments After the Prime Minister announced that he will, this week, make another announcement regarding the December 3 poll, speculation mushroomed about gamb,ing he may, notwithstanding his Communication to Parliament, decide to add at least one more question lottery or casino gambling to the ballot, in reaction to the high level of backlash he has encountered about the process of the upcoming vote. If you are going to feed Bahamians a meal, feed them the full course, not just a bone that you have already announced most of them will not get to chew on anyway, because your planned web shop regulations will voye out most of them from being in the business bahmaas enjoying that bone. I have therefore decided, with the full support of my cabinet colleagues, to postpone the referendum until the 28 th January,

casino animacije australian online casino gambling GAMBLING LOCAL ONLINE VENUES caribbean vacation two bedroom two bathroom casino golf Voters in the Bahamas are deciding whether to permit some forms of gambling for the islands' citizens. Bahamas Gambling Referendum—Confusing, Inept and Counter-productive. by Larry Smith. Well, if social media, the press and personal. The Government says it will licence web shop gambling (for only a few numbers men at the outset) if Bahamians vote 'yes' in its upcoming.